Gallery Descriptions 

Black and White Bodies

This project has been on going since high school. I am a third year photography student and I still don't know why I love taking photos of bare bodies in black and white. I came up with this exploration of the human form for my A.P. art portfolio and in my artist statement I wrote "sensual rather than sexual". I still believe this because I believe that sex can be sensual. You don't have to have sex to be naked with someone you love. I know my interest in all of it started after I had sex for the first time. It was a magical experience and I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. My first time was perfect. I loved my partner and they loved me and it was full of happiness and respect for the others naked form. In some ways this on going project is about sex, but it's also about bodies and how they don't need to be seen as any one label to be beautiful or identified with. 

Splash O' Color 

This gallery is full of color. Obviously. It is a compilation of a lot of different things, but they are all connected by color.  I love black and white, but color allows us to see all the beauty that this planet gives us. I hope you enjoy my color palate as much as my gray scale. 

Michigan Trees

This collection is a series of three photos taken of trees as the sun was coming up on Lake Erie when it was frozen. It looked like the frozen lake went on forever and it blended in with the shoreline of Detroit to create this futuristic and almost unnatural look to these silhouetted trees. My dad drove the car and made the cars stop behind us so I could get some good shots.  

Photoshop Triptychs 

During my first photoshop class we were asked to take one of our favorite songs and turn it into a triptych. The first one with the fish and the spoon is Cough Syrup by Young the Giant. The second one with the purple and the hands is Heavens Gate by Fall Out Boy. I made that one for my partner who is a die hard fan. Both songs hold a special place in my heart and it's always a pleasure creating art referencing other artists.

Black and White

I love black and white photos. This gallery is just a collaboration of random black and whites I have taken on the streets of my home towns, during trips, and even some taken in weird places around my house. It's the twin to my Splash O' Color gallery. 



Horses are one of those weird passions your parents think you will grow out of. Nope. Not me. I have such a love and passion for horses. They are such goofy creatures and they may be scared of tarps and their own shadows, but  they are emotional and loving and that's all we can hope for in animals. 


Just Beachy 

This collection is a nostalgic looking group of pictures that I took while at Alki Beach in Seattle with my partner. It was just a regular grey and cloudy day in Seattle, but it was so nice to explore and just be in those moments with nothing to think about but what we were going to find next.